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I just watched the Stargate Atlantis finale for the first time while eating dinner tonight - I'd lost interest by Season 5, for reasons I no longer remember, and nobody seemed enthused about it at the time, so I just never bothered. And yeah, that was... an hour of tv. Pretty big contrast to the SG1 finale, which was a fanservicey hour of the characters basically just hanging out together, forever. This one was a pretty typical 'save Earth from the alien menace' episode that felt oddly generic. The most emotional moment might have been the reference to General Hammond/Don Davis passing away, and I don't think Sheppard ever even met him.

Three random thoughts:

1. It amuses me that poor Major Davis is the one character in this universe who never seems to get promoted. Somewhere out there today, Sam is a general and Davis is still a Pentagon flunky.

2. If I ever knew that they resurrected Dr. Beckett, I'd forgotten about it, so his appearance was a bit of a surprise. Had to check to see if that was a storyline or if they just suddenly made him un-dead for the hell of it (sadly the former).

3. Fifteen seasons of SG1 and SGA, and Rodney McKay is (if I remember correctly) the one character who walks off into the sunset with an unequivocal canon romance. There's just something wrong about that.


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