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Oct. 1st, 2011 09:42 pm
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Nnnrrgh. Been doing AO3 work for about 12 hours now - we've been making some changes to try to alleviate the load on our database, and this required some fine-tuning, which still isn't quite done yet. We'll have a real news post out tomorrow, but we did add the long-awaited filtering by whether a work is complete or not, filtering by language on main pages, and sorting by the date things were actually posted, so that if you're stalking a fandom, you can see what the new backdated works are. We also fixed the dreaded 500 error that came up if you were the first person to download a file! And we finished transitioning all of our javascript over to jQuery, which was a pretty significant project. And a bunch of other things - there were 57 issues in this release. Go team!


In other news:

-Here is a fic about the Brotherhood of Mutants adopting a kitten. You're welcome.

-I am finally all caught up with Fringe again! Olivia is my favorite, forever and ever, amen. And I'm very happy that we get to keep Lincoln. Too sleepy to have any deeper thoughts.
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I have been failing dreadfully at tv watching all season, but I've finally caught up with Fringe!


Fringe 3x01-3x05 )

Now, on to The Vampire Diaries! Weekends spent coughing up one's lungs are good for something, at least.


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