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I resolved last year to finally finish and post a vid by the time the next Vividcon rolled around. Of course, that was my goal the year before, too. The problem is that I don't have enough patience with my own suckitude - I get to the point where I realize that what I'm making sucks, and I give up on it. When, in fact, the only way to arrive at non-suckitude is to keep soldiering on through the forest of suck until you actually learn how to improve on what you're doing.

Which is a way of saying that I have a song that's less than three minutes long and a tv show I love that aired for barely more than half a season, and if I can't manage to combine those in some reasonable fashion, then there's just no hope for me.


Unrelatedly, I watched Farscape's Mind the Baby through Crackers Don't Matter.

-John with the Haircut of Mental Instability and the vest is my favorite.

-Oh, I really love Chiana, but I really DON'T love Taking the Stone. Episodes about kids/teenagers who have their own society devoid of adult influence are a mainstay of sci-fi television, and I'm trying hard to think of one I actually liked.

-On the other hand, I remembered Vitas Mortis as not being very good, when it's actually a pretty decent episode. And fun to see Melissa Jaffer in another role pre-Noranti.

-Crackers Don't Matter! What I forget about this episode is how dark it is amidst the funny lines. All the threats of rape and murder - that's some disturbing stuff.

On to the next disc! I have "Home on the Remains" to look forward to - I believe that's one episode I never rewatched prior to this. Good times.


[personal profile] stultiloquentia made more AO3 icons! Little Buffy! Little Sherlock Holmes!
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Farscape 1x21: Bone to be Wild

"In the end, all we had was each other." That is such an innocuous line out of context, isn't it?

Farscape 1x22: Family Ties

Oh, I love this ep. Schmoop of the highest order! We're all gonna die, so let's spend 45 minutes group-hugging and talking about how much we love each other! <3

Hey, you bastards. John Crichton was here. )
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Watched three episodes of Farscape today. There were muppets, there was vomit, there was the crew of Moya being awesome, crazy smartasses with big guns. *happy sigh* And no matter how many times I see the episodes, I never skip the opening credits. I have an unholy love for that music.


Heh. xkcd has been mentioning fanfic forever, but it's good to know the author's got the general gist of things down.


Dec. 1st, 2009 11:35 am
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Farscape Complete Series for $58!

I'd been looking longingly at it and wavering over the price, but no longer! *buys*

Also, I discovered that running my local copy of the AO3 software (ie, on my own hard drive), I can just put in the url for a multi-chapter story on ff.net, and the importer will do all the work of downloading the chapters and displaying them on one page for me. I must admit to going there often enough to find that really exciting. And, uh, I'm performing a valuable testing service, yes.


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