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elz ([personal profile] elz) wrote2013-09-21 10:51 pm

Current status: Netflix zombie

-Today I watched all of S3 of Haven. I think I need to find a magic barn to go take a nap in to recuperate. No deep thoughts, but I definitely enjoyed it, and it remains the OT3est of shows. Now on to S4...

-mumble's been compiling AO3 search tips for users and doing some posts about them: The "Search Within Results" Field and You, Part 1 and Part 2. The problem on our end is that the search engine can do so many different things that it's difficult to add/convey all of them through the interface without overloading people with complexity. But while we figure that out, there's a lot you can do manually to exclude tags and refine searches, so check that out if you're interested.

-Other than that, I had four and a half hours of OTW meetings today, deployed a couple of tiny fixes to AO3, did some much-needed cleaning and laundry, and played around with some API code. The first item on tomorrow's agenda is "go outside", because I'm working on a thing where I try not to spend entire weekends on my laptop anymore. It's a work in progress.
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I send you strength! Will send actually BOOZE IF PREFERRED! Also you have my eternal gratitude! Though I know you'd rather have the BOOZE.