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Valve's Source Filmmaker

This sounds fascinating from a future-of-vidding POV: Valve hands over its own movie-making tools to gamers

The new tool will allow gamers to make their own movies using the acclaimed Source game engine directly. This means that users will have almost any element from a recent Valve game at their disposal, including characters, locations, props, particles, textures, and sounds. New assets can even be created from scratch using the Source SDK and imported into a video project. People will then be able to position objects and choose their shots as if it were a real-world location - even lighting and visual effects can be adjusted on the fly.
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and that scream of joy you just heard was a whole segment of the machinima community...


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When I tried the demo for Flickr it said that it would grant the demo: Access to your photos (including prtvaie photos) Is this necessary? I thought I saw some other site using Flickr authentication that poped up a warning to accept, but didn't mention granting access to prtvaie photos