Someone wrote in [personal profile] elz 2013-12-18 02:04 pm (UTC)

I'm all for more women starting businesses but the thing is, they aren't asking some rich suit for 10 million, they are asking their fellow fans and the money isn't venture capital because the backers don't get a share of the profit. And because it's Kickstarter which has specific TOS they say that they aren't even funding a business, they're only trying to fund the production of those three books - except when they're calling it a press, of course, like in their interviews, it's fun to have it both ways. Their marketing strategy is to put advertisements on their AO3 fic which they know isn't allowed but eh, since the TOS violation has no major consequence it's worth a try, right? They're selling fanfic as a backer reward.
Everything text I've read from the people involved basically spells 'we are really trying hard trying to profit from gullible people here, let's see how much more bullshit we can get away with' and I find it reprehensible. I would also find it reprehensible if it was dudes doing this.

And the stakes aren't just the loss of someone's 25$, they can range from fandom-based publishers getting a bad reputation for incompetence, different sorts of legal trouble for everyone involved and the inexperienced authors actually getting screwed over.

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