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Was up in NY this weekend - the weather was at least a tiny bit cooler, although the subway made me appreciate the fact that, for all its faults, the DC metro does at least have air-conditioned stations. Visits with family are always a bit draining these days, but this morning I wandered out and enjoyed the 80 degree temperature in Central Park. And went to see Spider-Man, which was fun. (Andrew Garfield: A+, rest of movie: B)

The next two days I'll be off to AdaCamp in DC, yay. Then in a fit of (for me) utter decadence, I took Thursday and Friday off work as well. Or at least off paid work - at this rate, it'll take me the whole four-day weekend to catch up with OTW emails, let alone coding and code review. /o\

Such is my exciting life this month.
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Spiiiiiiiiiiiideeeeeeeeeeeeeer-Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Aaaaaaannnnnndddrewwwwwwwww! ♥

That is all.

Well, I guess I also wish you a lot of fun at AdaCamp. I guess. ;)


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Beard of Odin, this is SO MUCH AWESOME! I usually get to see what the cooubirttnrs are up to, but it's rare I get a look at what other commenters do more posts, please! Nothing proper on the drawing table at the mo, but here's some sketches done up this week after reading an article on the latest fossil evidence for dinosaur colours (iridescence in Microraptor feathers, this time). I really don't know a damn thing about dino anatomy, but hopefully 'bird with lizard head' isn't too far off.