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One of my pet annoyances is news webistes which, when you follow an inbound link on a mobile device, will just take you to the front page of their mobile site, which may or (usually) may not contain a link to the actual article. I've had this problem on two different North American news sites this past week (CTV being one of them) but one forum I read a lot has the problem as well, and when I complained, I was told well, the mobile version needs some love and you need a browser with JavaScript to have proper redirection on a mobile device . Well, they can detect whether you have JavaScript, and there are other ways of redirecting besides that (like PHP, and the whole site is written in PHP).And some people use mobile devices because they can't actually use a laptop, let alone a desktop computer. It's an annoyance to someone who can just go to a normal computer later, but to anyone who can't, it just means they can't read what's in the link. It's amazing that anyone running a simple WordPress blog can install a mobile plugin that just gives you a simpler version of the page without even changing the URL, yet a major news organisation can't manage that. Why?

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