enigel: Daniel Jackson pouting (SG-1 Daniel not the prettiest!)
enigel ([personal profile] enigel) wrote in [personal profile] elz 2017-06-01 01:45 am (UTC)

Hugs, if wanted, re: life!

"10 years since the show ended and 20 since it began, which is kind of mind-boggling"

It is terrifying. Aaaaa. Nooooope. Aaaaaaaaaa.

"Jack left and took his ships with him"

Some of us tried to escape on the Daniel/Mitchell ark, but yeah - Atlantis. Shiny.

And somewhere, deep in the Library of Dreaming, there is a tome of Daniel/Sheppard crossover fic that I wish I'd have written, along with the epic SG-1 vid set to Requiem for a Dream and all the other drafts and fannish projects never completed. *sigh*

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