elz: (black widow)
elz ([personal profile] elz) wrote2012-07-09 09:07 pm


Was up in NY this weekend - the weather was at least a tiny bit cooler, although the subway made me appreciate the fact that, for all its faults, the DC metro does at least have air-conditioned stations. Visits with family are always a bit draining these days, but this morning I wandered out and enjoyed the 80 degree temperature in Central Park. And went to see Spider-Man, which was fun. (Andrew Garfield: A+, rest of movie: B)

The next two days I'll be off to AdaCamp in DC, yay. Then in a fit of (for me) utter decadence, I took Thursday and Friday off work as well. Or at least off paid work - at this rate, it'll take me the whole four-day weekend to catch up with OTW emails, let alone coding and code review. /o\

Such is my exciting life this month.

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